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Company Profile


 Shenzhen Haomaizhen Enterprise Co.,Ltd was founded in 1998s, the address in the elegant environment, transport and efficient in the first Industrial Park of HuoWang, Bao'an District, Shenzhen City,
Processing companies to hand production of silicone rubber manufacturing services in more than a hundred well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Ten years from the sample design, the author recognized, to mold making, injection molding, die lines, etc. finished packaging. Products related to household appliances, electronic digital products, kitchen supplies and personal use products, the company except design, the shape of a number of professional products from the composition and function of the single chip (IC) implementation has the experience and talent to help provide solutions.
 In 2002 the company passed the ISO9001: 2000 international quality management system certification, and received the Royal Commission recognized certification standards, product quality through the UL, CE, 3C certification, and 10 kinds of products by the State Intellectual Property Patent , and achieved the domestic leading level.

 Company grasps the " Unity, service, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction'squality policy, systematic management, management information, operational procedures of the Company's long-term strategy, the industry will continue to play their own characteristics, to observe, rapid reaction, the product ahead of the strain the market, adhere to the "one contract, life-long service," the service concept.
 We always adhere with customers and business partners, through thick and thin, share unlimited opportunities for cooperation, we believe that: qualified satisfaction with the products of many Chinese and foreign customers is the best reason to choose and follow.
Prototype Manufacture Department:

Prototype manufacture has 15 years of development, now owned more than 30 people received professional team, experienced senior design engineers, programmers, prototype shop, work by hand instead of the times the machine age into a deep foundation of experience, can provide scientific ideas and creative suggestions.
 "Advanced equipment + talent + good management," there is customer satisfaction. Production methods using the whole PC, ABS, POM alloy forming the overall production of raw materials, by the sound, color monitor, refrigerators, copiers, printers, cell phones, drinking fountains, microwave, oven, telephone, convey the real machine, DVD, PC, panels, notebook computers and other office supplies to show the glorious era of industrial manufacturing, many manufacturers for the reference value.
 Currently we imported Japanese CMET-SLA rapid prototyping machine, the British high-speed three-dimensional laser scanner, FDM and other modern equipment, the use of AUTOCA, PROE, MASTRECAM, Unigraphics, solikwork series of the most advanced computer software, professional-level processes of surface treatment technology, including coating, screen printing, vacuum-mode delivery on time, in particular, praised by many customers and like interests.
    Sophisticated technology to more than a hundred large and medium enterprises have become our long-term customer base, and get their support, such as Ricoh, Huawei, ZTE, Foxconn, Huayang pass and so on. Partners over the level in Japan, Taiwan, HK, Macau and the Mainland provinces and cities.

Rubber Department:
 Company rubber division of the main use of imported and domestically produced natural rubber, EPDM rubber, silicone, styrene butadiene rubber, nitrile rubber, fluorine rubber, rubber raw materials. Mainly used in automotive, electronics, toys, medical fitness, health care products, industrial seals, shock absorber parts, floor mats, flashing balls, toys, silicone breast pads, household items, kitchen utensils, tableware, lamps, computer peripheral products , mobile phone sets, MP3 sets, swimming products, phone keypad, remote control button, a single point, and other miscellaneous pieces of different shape.
Forming 24-hour production, from film production, network board manufacturer drying nets and the full screen of product, with independent
  Standard equipment fuel injection workshop. Modern production lines, automatic infrared oven equipment 14 sets, 20M length of the two environmental protection in tunnel furnace, rubber aging tests, computer analysis instrument, such as rubber, highly sophisticated test instrumentation ,100-300T CNC automatic vulcanizing machine 38, a number of Rubber construction equipment line, with first-class polymer materials R & D personnel, engineering designers and skilled, flexible and skilled workers, master, fully in accordance with customer's individual product requirements, to produce high temperature, cold, oil, wear anti-aging, solvent and other special requirements of O, V, Y, U seals, and other miscellaneous pieces of torture and other products.
 Electronic conductive part of the black particles can be conductive resistance of less than 200, less than 500 printed carbon resistors, to ensure superior electrical properties, stability, and reliable. We respected the senses is the standard, to meet strong demand our customers.
Mold Department:

 We have the senior technicians in the mold department, structural engineering professional programmers, designers, rich in design and manufacturing experience and strong technical strength, a high degree of professionalism of the professional team, equipped with the most advanced computer software system that uses high-tech means, from mold development, design proofing, production, delivery, take a quick and efficient way of excellent service. Received the design from 2D or 3D, in the shortest possible period period, the perfect product model to be completed by production delivered to the client about.
 Has the most advanced production and testing equipment, Taiwan LSH D laser scanning, optical coordinate measuring instrument molds, projector, CNC EDM CNC machines and other blasting machine sparks. Mainly in the Master-cam, ug, pro-e for the computer-aided design software, following information provided by the customer ROUTE MAP data or in kind, after confirmation by the project, from the mold design and manufacturing to the product qualified factory, all in one house completed.
 High technology and strict style of work, precision die structure and function of design, scientific inspection system, the skills are in a leading position in the industry, and enjoys a high reputation within the industry. In particular, silicone mold shrinkage, parting lines, exhaust, stripping, hot tearing of the design principle, the scientific and rational. The company developed the mold quality is excellent, effective, and reasonable price, delivery on time, customer satisfaction